15 pics of secretary Mikaela Witt that will blow your mind

15 pics of secretary Mikaela Witt that will blow your mind

Love glamour model and hot TV host Mikaela Witt? You do then you are going to love this hot offering of free photos given to us by the lady herself.  In this amazing gallery we get to see naughty Mikaela playing the part of a hot secretary dressed up in a tight blue blouse, grey skirt teamed with sexy hold up stockings suspenders and heels. This hot babe girl is in a naughty mood and while the rest of the office has gone on their lunch break this naughty tease stops back and films this kinky strip tease. If this doesn’t get your cocks hard then I don’t know what will.

Ive been a fan of this big boobed bombshell from the moment I saw her on Studio 66 TV and of course in lads mags back in their hey day! Now you think shes hot on Studio 66 TV? You havn’t seen anything yet her official website has all the X rated content you don’t see on TV. You need to sign up to her site now and see this babes exclusive hardcore content exclusive to her website only.

Photos Mikalea Witt

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