BestSquirtxxx’s awesome squirting sessions

BestSquirtxxx does more than just squirt, she knows how to suck the cum out of a cock. That milky, creamy cum is what she is thinking about as she shoves her fingers deep into her throat and sucks. She keeps sucks as she pushes the fingers in and out of her wide open mouth, this is hot practice for the real thing. Reaching down now with both hands, she pulls her dress over her head and totally off, tossing it aside. She sits in her bra and panties and starts to bounce up and down, damn those titties sure flop around nicely. Freeing them, she reaches back and takes off her bra, her pussy moisens with excitement. Gripping them, she squeezes them as she turns around. Her hands slide down her hot body, as they reach her ass she spanks herself, making her ass cheeks shake. There are others things she is wanting to spank though, cum and see if you don’t believe me.

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