Hot teaser video as she dances around her bed

TastyPoison is anything but poison, in fact she is quite sweet in her teaser video as she dances around her bed. Dancing, she wears only a little tshirt and a thong that grind up into her ass and pussy. On her hands and knees, she delivers quite the cock hardener as she grinds on the bed and gets low. Than jumping up she flips into a doggy style with her ass and pussy facing the camera. Shaking her ass, this skinny girl sure knows how to move it. Even though her ass doesn’t bounce on its own she sure knows how to bounce it from her hips. Her hips shake up and down and she grinds with such passion, your dick will wonder where she has been all this time. The camera zooms in on her ass as she goes harder and harder, than BAM. The teaser video ends and you know your load wants to blow.

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